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Undocumented Immigration in America

Undocumented immigration in America remains a hot-button topic in Mexico and the United States.  Hence, this documentary film deeply explores why Mexicans migrate to the United States.  Also, aside from the clear reasons of finance, this documentary goes further. Above all, it takes a very personal look at a large Mexican family working in the United States on a dairy farm.  Lastly, In the Shadows also studies why undocumented immigration in America still captures headlines in the news.  Closed Captioning on Kanopy.com.

Production Notes from the Director, Dan Glynn

-This film about undocumented immigration in America was filmed in six states, DC and Mexico. While in San Diego, I embarked on a southern border road trip. Click here for more. After that, I went to the border fence where I saw children staring through the western end of it.  In fact, the look on the children’s faces longing to be on the American side of the border will always remain with me. All the while, the United States Border Patrol watched from above.

-Likewise, I further explored undocumented immigration in America by car on my grueling westward solo road trip ending up in El Paso, TX.  Also, filming was done in extreme weather, hitting over 110 degrees in the deserts of Arizona and the Mexican jungle. Next, I was on to the farm in Western NY, where it was well below zero.  Then, I left for New York City  to complete my film about undocumented immigration in America.  You may read the full In the Shadows transcript here.

-As a self taught film-maker, I studied by reading every film-making book I could find and watching most of the “docs” at my local video rental store.  I learned to shoot film as I  watched and practiced as many shots as I could in New York City from Oscar winners for best picture made in New York City    … READ MORE 

…places a human face on the ongoing debate over undocumented workers in the United States. It does shed light on those willing to gamble to improve their lot in life. Recommended for all collections.
Stephen L. Hupp

Library Journal


The Boulder Center For The Arts

Fair… The film takes an intelligent, personal look at both sides of a complicated issue that continues to bedevil Americans… Recommended. 3 out of 4 possible stars.
P. Hall

Video Librarian

A personable film… if you’re looking to personalize and humanize the politics of immigration, this is a nice place to start.
Mike Bell

Film Threat

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