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In the Shadows Undocumented Immigration in America

To Risk it all TRT:  48:18 This Mexican border documentary was shot on location in: NY, DC, CA, WI, TX, AZ, NM, and Nohbec, MX. Notably, the subject matter of this film secures the attention of the viewer right away.  Meanwhile, it gives thorough incites into the issue of undocumented immigration in the U.S.  The fact that 12 million or more migrants are in the U.S. needs a closer look.  Also, we must view more that just facts and data.  In contrast, we should also take a glimpse into the personal. Namely, this film aquaints us with tight knit family from Mexico, who work for a better future. Finally, this documentary film puts a human face on the immigration issue. m

Dan Glynn Producer/Director

Glynn is Founder, and Executive Producer at Broadbandaid, a Boulder, Colorado company. In the Shadows,  a Mexican border documentary is his directorial debut culminating ten years of work. During the making of In the Shadows, Dan lived on a dairy farm in the northeast. He also made trips to Mexico and US border towns where he spoke with people on both sides of the immigration issue. In the Shadows  is a balanced look at the immigration issue as presented personally from the viewpoint of Jairo.  He is a hard-working Mexican who immigrates to the United States to support his family back in Mexico.

Glynn was born in The Bronx, New York. He went to Cornell and received a B.S. in Economics 1987. After college, he moved to Boulder, CO. Soon after, he started a firm that developed software for radio stations.  Later, in 1993, he traveled across the country cycling and camping by the side of the road.  Shorty after, he moved back to New York City in 1997.  Then he founded a thriving Wall Street IT consulting firm. Dan resides in Boulder, CO.

Luis Ortiz Guillen – Editor

Luis Ortiz Guillen edited In the Shadows. Luis is a New York-based film professional with a wide-ranging background editing feature documentary films. Films as Lead Editor:

  • Trouble the Water   Directed by Tia Lessin. This film was named Sundance Best Documentary 2008
  • FLOW: For Love of Water   Directed by Irena Salina. This film entered the Sundance Official Documentary Competition 2008
  • Sons of Sakhnin United    Directed by Christopher Browne. This film was an Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2007
  • Unstrung   Directed by Rob Klug. This feature documentary was an Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2007

Films as Assistant Editor:

  • Fahrenheit 9/11   Directed by Michael Moore.
  • Maria Full of Grace   Directed by Josh Marston. (a border crossing film)
  • Bowling for Columbine  Directed by Michael Moore

In addition, Luis has done wide-ranging work for many network TV series, DVD releases, and Cable networks. Luis Ortiz Guillen resides in Brooklyn, NY

Fernada Rossi: Story Consultant

Whether in a personal session, a workshop or through her writing, Fernanda Rossi supports and guides film-makers.  With proven methods in the creating and improved of rough cuts, fund-raising trailers, synopses, treatments, scripts and pitches. She has doctored over 300 documentaries, fiction scripts and work samples, including two Academy Award ® nominees. Fernanda has been invited to give talks and seminars for major world conferences.  As well as groups such as Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest, and Silver DOCS.  Her columns and articles have been published in trades like the Independent, Documentary Magazine, and many others.  She is also the author of the book that, according to industry professionals is the bible on demo production. Trailer Mechanics:  A Guide to Making your Documentary Fund-raising Demo. Fernanda resides in NY, NY

Manuel Molina – Original Music

Manuel Molina wrote and performed the original music for In the Shadows.

Manuel Molina was born in Peru. He attended the Conservatory of Peru in Lima where he studied composition and classical guitar. At the age of 17, he was the youngest person to conduct the Peruvian National Symphony.

Manuel Molina has led many musical groups around the world for over 25 years providing professional Latin entertainment. His music company, Hot Molina, performs for the United States Department of Defense and various US embassies overseas.

He enjoys a thriving international career as a solo guitarist. His many recordings include: Una Noche De Amour, Tranquilo and an album of Christmas favorites.

Some highlights of his varied professional career include:

  • A 1990 performance for Shimon Peres, the current President of Israel, in
    Denver, CO.
  • Participated in the 1999 Noche De Gala at the Center for Performing Arts –
    James Olmos Latin Film Festival.
  • Performed with Gato Barbieri, the Latin jazz artist.
  • A 1980 birthday party for the actor Raymond Burr in Denver.
  • Many appearances at the Aspen Jazz Festival and the Cherry Creek Arts

Manuel Molina lives in Denver, Colorado

In the Shadows. a Mexican border documentary – Short synopsis: Similar to the “Grapes of Wrath” this film follows a dozen Mexicans from one small village flee to the U.S..  During this Mexican border documentary, we see them and their risky border crossing stories.  Also, we watch Jario who wants to works his way up  the ladder in the U.S. In particular, to better his families station in life.  When in fact, his family has a black sheep… is this going to be a barrier to success?  This film studies the migration issue and its politics.  Director Glynn studied Spanish to help finish the documentary. More on the making of here. Subtitled in English and Spanish.

In the Shadows, a Mexican border documentary – medium synopsis: Notably, this Mexican border documentary follows a Mexican family that travels 3,000 miles to the United States. In fact, they travel from the jungle near Belize to the U.S. to work near the border of Canada.  Every family has a black sheep.. will this stand in their way of making a better future for their children? In particular, this interesting Mexican border documentary by Glynn, follows the personal story of Jairo, a hard-working Mexican who migrates along with his brother and cousins to the USA.  Especially in order to find work to support family back in Mexico.  Jairo had been on track selling wood in his family firm.  Then, his major client ran into problems along with the economy in Mexico.

Due to these facts, the film looks at current immigration issues in the United States. Dramatically, the story takes a turn when Jairo’s cousin is arrested by local police.  Therefore,  putting the entire family in danger of deportation.  In Glynn’s Mexican border documentary, we meet many people who want to stem the tide of immigration from Mexico.  In contrast, we meet people who help those who make the long, tough journey to new jobs in the United States. Jairo is a hard worker.  Initially, we follow him as he starts at the lowest level jobs on the farm and moves to the most difficult.  Finally he lands a job that even most of the Americans are not capable or willing to do.  Glynn traveled to film on location in New York, Washington, DC, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Quintana Roo, Mexico.

In the Shadows, a Mexican border documentary – detailed synopsis: In the Shadows shows life on a typical, large, dairy farm in the northeast region of the United States. At first, we meet Jairo, a farm worker who is helping a cow in distress birth her calf. He deftly removes the calf from the cow using a winch and a lot of elbow grease. Jairo is from Nohbec, Mexico. He is 32 years old and has been on the dairy farm since 2001.

Due to money problems, he left Mexico to find work in the United States. In the event that he found a job, he did not expect to find a job he would like. In fact, he winds up on the dairy farm where he learns about all aspects of dairy farming. Ultimately, he is feeding the animals; milking the cows and giving medicine to sick animals. Lastly, it was hard, grueling work, but Jairo enjoyed his work on the farm. In the Shadows offers a balanced view as a Mexican border documentary and the issues at hand:

  • Also, there are also many who work to treat the illegals as humanely as possible. In fact we meet a man who escaped the Soviet-occupied Hungary in 1956. He walked 50 miles to safety and now helps those crossing the Mexican border.  Since strangers helped him on his trip 50 years ago, he wants to return the favor to Mexicans today.  Interestingly, he believes that the US border should be like the European Union, more of an open frontier. Other kind people place casks of water where undocumented immigrants have been found dead in the desert.
  • Some US citizens have taken it upon themselves to “man” the border in a post 9/11 vigilante mode. They are “minutemen” or volunteer border patrol as they call themselves.  Indeed, remarking that the border patrol is unable to police the entire border and that some checkpoints actually go unmanned.
  • In addition, an immigration lawyer explains that the vast majority of deportations are to Mexico.  However, Mexicans are not the vast majority of illegal aliens. Sadly, there is a massive movement to make discrimination and abuse of Mexicans legal.
  • The problem deepened by the economic gap between the US and Mexico.  What is more, the current US policy of turns a blind eye on undocumented immigration.

In order that there may be a change, Jairo tells us of his trying journey from Mexico in this Mexican border documentary.  Regarding this, his group was attacked by six thieves with guns, who beat them and took their money,  German, Jairo’s brother, relates that he was sent back to Mexico, four times by US Border Agents.  Also, he was without food or water for those three days.  He recalls, “It seemed like the end.” Someday, Jairo would like to return to Mexico for good and run his own firm and use his income to support his family. Meanwhile, Jairo’s wife and two kids live in an home that is under construction in Mexico. After this, he hopes that his children can have career persons in Mexico.

The distance is hard on his clan and more so on his 5-year-old son. Importantly, this Mexican border documentary captures a tense scene when Julio, Jairo’s cousin, is arrested for drunken driving.  Later, after being released by the police, Julio comes home and shares his story with the household.  Regarding this, he is certain that he will be deported. All the while, his house-mates are slowly roused from their sleep by this drama.  In view of this, all are very worried that they too would be sent back to Mexico by Homeland Security.

Ultimately, only Julio was deported. Immigration officials shackled his hands and feet and kept him in jail for a month in the US.  Next, they sent him back to Mexico. In any case, once Julio is back in Mexico, he cannot return to the US for 10 years. He would like to return to the US to work and be with his friends and family on the farm. Of course,  that is now impossible. In the Shadows begs the question, is this difficult migrant life really worth it?